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Time out

Posted by Razerbug on February - 13 - 2014 0 Comment

Greetings friends in Obscurity.   As you may have noticed things have been very quiet on the Obscure front. Alas they have not been quite IRL and both Sil and Raz have simply not been able to prioritise podcasting over real-world commitments. We’re hoping to get back on the air as soon as possible, but for the time being we thank our friends and listeners for their patients and understanding  [ Read More ]

Grab some swag for New Year!

Posted by Razerbug on December - 28 - 2013 0 Comment

Seasons Greetings friends in Obscurity!   If you where listening at the end of the last Season you’ll know we have some goodie bags of Blizcon related loot to give away!  Just a reminder for new listeners and folks catching up, winners will be  drawn out of a hat when we come back for season 6! To get your name in the hat simply do any of the following to  [ Read More ]

Greetings all, Friends in Obscurity! Welcome to Episode 30 of season 5, our final episode this season. We’ve had a second nearly unbroken run for 30 weeks, on the back of a good chunk of last year with season 4, and we’re looking forward to season 6 starting in the new year, but as the nights get darker, the holidays get closer, and festive plans are afoot, it’s time for  [ Read More ]

Greetings friends in Obscurity! Welcome to Obscurecast’s Blizzcon special! That’s right ladies and gents this one is going to be Warcraft heavy, with a smattering of Diablo and Hearthstone news thrown in for seasoning. We’re talking about our take on the news and announcements from Anaheim and most of what we talk about is covered in this great run-down of news from WoW Insider But don’t miss our MMO  [ Read More ]

Welcome friends in Obscurity for another dose of British geekey nonsense, lovingly poured into your ear holes! This week we talk X-Men Days of Future Past, Captain America, and Thor 2 – straight from the Skype/Marvel press preview! We’ve also got Warcraft movie rumours, a  new bug/feature for classic WoW dungeons, and we muse of Blizzcon and the new expansion. iPhones get rumoured new gaming controllers, Terraria rocks out with  [ Read More ]