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WE’RE BACK! Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to Obscurecast Episode 27 Season 5! We’ve survived marriage, plague and technical clusterfux and we’re back on air! This week we wrap up the Blizzard news early, including the latest from Hearthstone. We have Marvel film rumours, DC film rumours, Walking Dead, Steams controller gets an impressive demo video and Sil gives us her reviews of Pokemon X and her latest NerdBlock Box of  [ Read More ]

Obscurecast Info and Expo

Posted by Razerbug on October - 21 - 2013 1 Comment

Hello friends in Obscurity… patient friends in Obscurity! As you guys know between hosts getting married, PC’s blowing up and recordings getting corrupted, we’ve not been able to get a show on the air for quite a few weeks! Thanks goes out to you guys for bearing with us! In the down-time we wanted to give you a look around EuroGamer Expo 2013 that Razerbug got a backstage pass too  [ Read More ]

Hello Gentlefolk out there in obscurity!   This week Sil and Raz bring some good news: StarCraft 2 makes you smarter and players who work together win more!  We also have plenty of news out of Blizzard and Blizzcon, huge news about SteamOS, Dinos, and a man in Northampton dressed as a clown… truly Obscure!

Welcome friends in Obscurity!   This week Sil and Razer talk Beginnings: Sim City Mac and Final Fantasy 14 to be exact. XBone gets a release date, Steam feels like sharing, and Patch 5.4 drops, what does it mean for the denizens of Azeroth?! Oh and a little something called Hearthstone happened didn’t it! Plus! We have a winner!  

The Obscurecast | Press Start to Continue 5-24:

Posted by Razerbug on September - 2 - 2013 0 Comment

Greetings Friends in Obscurity! ZOMGWTFBBQ DareDevil is Batman! We talk about that shocker, and the shocker that Nintendo are losing a D to release the 2DS. We hear about a Lego MMO, Guild War’s 1st birthday, and ask are we going to see a return to AAA MMO subscriptions? Elder Scrolls and Wyldstar’s new pricing model. Muse of LoL female character bans in Iran, geekery delivered to your door back  [ Read More ]