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The Obscurecast is a bit of an experiment.

Originally cobbled together by Gazimoff from Mana Obscura and Pewter from The ‘mental Shaman, along with some Skype and a bit of technical dohickery, The Obscurecast is a weekly creation that discusses MMOs, Gaming and Geekery (with a bit of focus on World of Warcraft).

As of Season 4 Gaz and Pewter passed the controllers to Player 2 and Sil, Damarai and Razerbug are ‘Pressing Start to Continue’  and bringing the weekly dose of obscurity.

In fine tradition The Obscurecast aims to provide an alternative and interesting viewpoint on the week’s gaming news, as well as a weekly topic and a roundup of the various in-game happenings.

All this gets bundled up in our own blend of humour, wit and banter in order to produce a (usually) one hour long show. We also have the occasional guest to expand upon particular topics.

Always random, often chaotic and sometimes even funny.

About Razerbug

Joining Obscurecast in the middle of Seson 3, Razerbug came in as the enthusiastic amateur, fresh from appearances on other Dawnforge shows and as their some-time graphic artist. He and Damarai game together online most evenings and carry their friendly rivalry over into the show. He plays a hunter and the Slackermage

About Damarai

Life-long gamer and self confessed Steam sale addict, Damarai is the most technically minded and ‘hardcore’ of the 3 hosts. Always picking up new games and new Betas from across the gaming world. He dwells in the depths of the Obscurebag, from which he can heckle Razerbug with ease. He plays Death Knights even though he insists he didn’t think he’d like them

About Sil

Host of Girls Gone WoW in her own right Sil is an experienced pod-caster and enthusiastic amateur heckler (picking up the sport from Damarai) a long term MMO player, Roleplayer, and certified Alt’oholic in WoW, Sil keeps the boys in line offering a 3rd point of view and plenty of Dutch attitude! She plays -well- eveything! …just don’t mention Garrus…

About Gazimoff

The longest running host on the Obscurecast, and the technical wizard behind most of the podcast production. Gazimoff has so many projects that he isn’t sure which one to finish first, but you can always find him blogging at Mana Obscura. MMO and general gaming enthusiast, he also plays the guitar. He plays mages.

About Pewter

Joining the cast in episode 20, or thereabouts, Pewter is best known as a twitter addict and purveyor of grumpy feminist geek opinions over at The ‘mental Shaman. She has also contributed to The Border House Blog, Geek Feminist and was once the elemental shaman columnist for WoW Insider. Shaman, paladin, priest and warrior enthusiast.

Getting The Obscurecast

You can listen to the podcast directly from the site – just wait for the latest episode to be posted then use the built-in player to stream it directly to you. Easy!

You can also subscribe to our podcast and never miss another episode.

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  • Finally you can also find them all here on the blog.

Give us feedback!

We always want to know what you think of our little creation, and love to hear your feedback. You can either leave us a review on iTunes or sililar, or drop us a mail at You can even leave a comment here or on one of the episode pages, if you like. Whatever way is easiest for you.

We also have a little forum tucked away that you can use to discuss ideas with us, if you prefer.

Thanks for listening!