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Welcome to Episode 6!

This week the team is joined by @oliviadgrace , which makes for plenty of Warcraft discussion! We also talk about some of the up-coming gaming news, including the new Elder Scrolls Online and it’s impending Beta.

We talk Tomb Raider and debate the role of  female lead characters in games,  and why EA are insisting they never said micro-transactions were coming to ALL their games… despite the fact they totally did!

Jump in after the cut!

Gaming News Highlights

Talking Point for the week (talking point and any reader feedback)

Sil: What IP do you want to see made into a video game or the other way around into a board- or pen & paper game?

Which games (board, p&p, video) have the most interesting lore / background story for you? And why do you find it so appealing? 

What would make you start picking up the Warhammer army? Or what has made you hesitant of picking it up? Or how did you start with playing Warhammer?


@obscurecast @RzBg “Ian M Banks’ culture universe made into an Eve like space MMO”

“What IP do you want to see made into a video game or the other way around into a board- or pen & paper game?”

That’s a tough question because many pop culture things (TV shows, movies, etc.) get turned into games to capitalize on their popularity.

I enjoy police shows like Bones, CSI, NCIS, The Mentalist, and Castle.  I suppose those could be turned into fun mystery-solving games with educational benefits or themed card games.  Police shows in general are a natural if you want to re-skin Clue.

Warehouse 13 would make an interesting adventure/puzzle solving game and the show’s mix of current tech with steampunk would be a visual treat.


Moment of Obscurity?

Raz: Iron Man 3 Trailer looks amazing!

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Intro music was Decimal Places by I Concur.

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