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Season 5 Episode 5 is here folks!

With us this week is our first guest of the season, and it’s The Podfather himself, Medros! We talk about Warcraft, Starcraft, new gaming hardware, consoles new, old, and… smaller? And all things from the table top to the pen and paper RPGs.

Plus as always we hear the thoughs from YOU the Obscuredience!

So what are you waiting for folks? have at it!


Gaming News Highlights

Talking Point for the week

Ideas for this weeks topic:

Raz:  “what do you think of the PS4 announcement, will you be getting one?”



NEXT WEEK: What IP do you want to see made into a video game or the other way around into a board- or pen & paper game?


trimble outland ‏@trimbleirl
@obscurecast console gaming is dead

Just listening to the latest episode, Sils comments about Werewolf: The Forsaken absolutely mirror my own thoughts.

The werewolf the apocalypse lore – and in fact all of the old world of darkness lore was far far richer than the new WOD – however, I think the new storyteller system rules are superior to the old ones, much less imbalance. And I’ve been meaning for some time to attempt to play new rules in the old setting – will let you know how it goes if my group ever get their act together enough to do it :) there is currently a project running on kickstarter for the 20th anniversary special edition of Werewolf: The Apocalypse – which is looking gorgeous i have to say.

Will have a look at some of the recommendations you made. Some interesting stuff there.

I have a couple of recommendations of my own that I didn’t mention on facebook.

The first is probably my favourite RPG of all time – Legend of the Five Rings (L5R). It is a Samurai fantasy game, with an absolutely amazing setting, (it also has a very involved card game set in the same setting – the lore of each edition of the RPG can and has changed according to how the results of the card game tournaments go, as a result the world feels more alive than almost every other RPG out there.), you have Samurai, Monks, elemental spirit magic, shadowlands demons who corrupt the world around them, it can be very very dark – with your characters struggling to maintain their honour and humanity in the face of great challenges to their lives and their clans and the empire of Rokugan as a whole. It’s fantastic, and some of my favourite ever gaming moments have happened in that game.

The second is a game i come back to a lot. 7th Sea – by the same people who make L5R – its setting is a fantastical version of renaissance era europe, but with some blood sorcery thrown in. So you have musketeers, pirates, duels, rooftop chases, grand balls, warfare, blood magic, fae creatures, loads of intrigue and mysterious artefacts of ancient civilisations and races long ‘dead’ it’s a very rich setting, and the games systems make it a very dramatic feeling game.

I would also highly highly recommend that you check out the playtest for D&D 5th edition. I have been playing this with my game group – and it is so far managing to achieve its goal of being an edition for all editions.

the 5th edition rules are being designed as modular sections, with varying levels of complexity available to players and dm’s alike – even allowing (so far) different players to run and create their characters with different levels of complexity at the same table.

the design of the mechanics is very very nice, currently the rules are still fairly simple. but there are going to be 4e style tactical combat rules developed etc. that will add optional levels of complexity to the game.

The forgotten Realms setting (my personal favourite D&D setting) is also going to be the first setting developed for the next edition. And WOTC are actually handing it over to the community – it’s becoming a living setting, that can change according to cool stuff player groups do.

I have played every edition of D&D from AD&D second edition onwards, and 5th ed is now my favourite. It allows a lot more improvisation than 3rd or 4th ed did, not everything has a solid rule, but good solid mechanics and good GM guidelines to allow players to make the game work the way they want it to. It returns the GM to being a storyteller, rather than just a glorified accountant and dice roller. I approve wholeheartedly of this. 4th edition felt too much like a board game for me to really get into it – i didn’t really feel like i had much freedom to play outside of the powers system etc in combat – it felt like a board game of an MMO – great great fun if you want to play that. And it did have some fun combat mechanics, but as a total product I felt it was the weakest edition of D&D.

the playtest is here:

and the legends and lore column on the WOTC website has become designers notes and development ponderings for 5th edition –

Well worth checking out no matter what your favourite edition is / was.

i think i’ve bored you enough for now :)

great show again, keeup up the good work.

James / Barefootwanderer

 Nevik is a not a well man…  ‏@nevikjames @obscurecast QotW idea: Where in @RzBg‘s domicile is @_Damarai hiding today? Orrrr what has he (Dam) put in his (RzBg) bed tonight?

Scott  smoke and mirrors, the ps4 could be made from Swiss cheese for all the actual details we received. huge hype and a few games sony came across as desperate and disorganized. diablo 3 on ps4, couldn’t be any worse than on the pc i guess. im expecting overpriced junk, rather spend my dosh on pc games

 Hello Obscurecast,

I do not plan on getting a PS4.  I started college when the original PS came out and was in no position to afford one.  As a result I have missed out on quite a number of franchises when they were in their prime (Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, etc.).

I got into some original XBox games (work friends) and a few Nintendo Cube games, but overall I’ve moved away from console gaming to PC gaming.  This mainly has to do with the fact that my enjoyment of console gaming comes from getting together with friends.  Real life has taken away a lot of time and internet connectivity (XBox Live, PS Network) just doesn’t cut it for me.



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