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The Obscurecast | Press Start to Continue 5-4: Sil’s Rant Pants!

Posted by Razerbug on February - 25 - 2013

Hello Obscuronauts one and all!

Seasons 5 continues with Episode 4, in which we talk about ALL THE THINGS, from comics to pc hardware, Preview peeks at Playstations, Warcraft, Warhammer, and of course, Video Games!

Sil gets her rant-pant’s seriously in a twist over Aliens: Colonial Marines (at the klaxon, skip ahead to around 00:10:32 to avoid spoilers!)

And we go through all your letters, tweets, and comments of a BookFace origins!


Geekys News Highlights

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Talking Point for the week (talking point and any reader feedback)

Ideas for this weeks topic:

Raz:  “what do you think of the PS4 announcement, will you be getting one?”


Sil: How much are we letting ourselves get influenced by game reviews?


James: I think you just confirmed your place as my perfect geekery podcast. Since you mentioned pen and paper rpg’s, what tabletop rpg’s have you enjoyed. And which have you wanted to try and never got around to.

Barefootwanderer (he of the red dwarf acronym quote from a few months back)

Hi Obscurecast!

It’s good to hear you back on the virtual airwaves!  I just wanted to chip in to the topics you asked about:

Ouya: Odd name.  I associate Steam products exclusively with PC-gaming, so making the leap to a console would be a big one.  If you could play Steam products you already own a license to on the Ouya, I could see this being perfect for games you enjoy in the console format (platformers, sports games, etc.).

Reviews: I mainly play WoW so reviews – good or bad – don’t mean too much in the end as I do not end up buying it anyway.  I’ve taken up watching “Let’s Play” videos on YouTube and I’ll judge the game on seeing it in action.  More often than not it will lead me to some older games that I can pick up on Steam sales.

Thanks for the fun podcast!

It really depends on who is doing the review; you get a feel for
people who enjoy the same games you do and listen to what they say a
little more than a random stranger.

I really think that the way does it works better for me
- instead of rating a game they just give a general overview and what
they like and didn’t like and if you can relate bits of the game to
other current games – it gives a wider coverage without attempting to
tell me a meaningless rating.

There are some obvious limitations with reviews;
the authors bias
the time that they are able to play the game
what portion of the game they are given access too by the devs

With mmos most reviews can only scratch the surface so are even less
useful than a single player review.

Ok rambled enough

Hugs all
Mylin1 (Scott)

I’m not sure about you guys but I have some gamers I would love to
play with in other countries – have any of you tried and
succeed/failed to run a virtual table top D&D game?

if so how was it?

would you consider a global game of D&D if tools like realm-works
actually come into fruition?


You mentioned horror games that were not scary, and that’s exactly the feeling I got from the dead space 3 demo. Not scary, just gross monsters, and lacking the suspense from the first one. The first one was really suspenseful and scary due to the great pacing, music and cinematography.

2c from //Rikard

@obscurecast re: consoles, the next one will almost certainly be a steambox for me. Also, grabbed steam for Linux and some games this week.


Rod:  I use reviews as validation before purchase I suppose. I listen to lots of podcasts and follow a few sites so start forming views on games early as to whether I’m likely to purchase or not from the build up. Metal Gear Risibg is a good example; I’m a huge MGS fan (got tattoos etc) and it’s done by Platinum so there was s very high chance I was going to buy anyway, but I watched the review on IGN just to make sure there wasn’t anything I considered show stopping in it for me. I’m trying to think of an inverse example, but can’t think of any. The only other thing I can think of is Spec Op: The Line, which wasn’t on my radar at all and then I heard an interview with Nolan North, checked the review and saw the interesting things it was doing and picked it up. So maybe for me the value of reviews changes depending on the situation and investment in the franchise… Who knows. Hope this makes sense, just woke up

Hey guys,
I use game reviews more as a general guideline to games that I fancy buying.  While they do give me a good idea as to how a game plays, how it looks, etc, a review will not decide whether or not I buy it.  A good example of this is the recent Aliens: Colonial Marines.  All the reviews basically stated that the was abysmal, but, as I have always liked the Aliens franchise I picked it up and while it does have it’s issues it is still a fun game.  Another good example is Spec Ops: The Line, This game didn’t receive great reviews but I bought it anyway and *loved* it, great story, great action and a fantastic twist at the end.

I think people who take reviews as gospel and 100% base their purchases on them need to think and decide for themselves.  More often than not if you like the look of a game and it’s in a genre you like playing then chances are you’re probably going to get some enjoyment from it.

Love the show folks.


Robert: Depends on peoples version of game reviews, as well as age.
13 yr. olds and younger let themselves be influenced by commercials. Dead Space 3 commercial plays a lot near me and I hear a 13 yr old say “Best. Game. Of. The. Year.” Every time. How does he know? He still swears SWOTR is the best game ever.
So.. what reviews do people buy into would be a more oppropriate question really.
From Magazine adverts to podcast reviews or the ‘BS’ show X-play (TechTV 4ever!)
I prefer to stick with watching people play on or with friends before I decide to get a copy myself.
I also prefer to stick with things I know I will like as it fits my style and preferred ‘feel’.
Example: PC= Commanche 3 and 4, World of Warcraft, Everquest, Sims, Sim City 3000, Space Rangers and Space Rangers Reboot, (common theme? = third person view with 1st person actions…)
I would say in answer to your question, yes… If your young… And no if your a more ‘seasoned’ gamer.


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