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Hello Ladles and Jelly-spoons!

Welcome to Episode 3 of this season’s Obscurecast!

First off apologies for our tardiness, last week RL issues kept us from recording, but we’re back (most of us) and we’ve got another fine week of gaming goodness to give our takes on, also, Sil says ‘amazeballs’ totally unironically despite being a grown woman and I ‘pick up’ Aquaman! o.O

Our week in gaming:

  • Razerbug: nothing!
  • Dam:
  • Sil: wow (getting shaman to 90), Tera online, Borderlands 2, Aliens colonial Marines

Gaming News Highlights

Moment of Obscurity?

Raz: all podcasts breaking US patents:

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Intro music was Decimal Places by I Concur.

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