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Hello Ladies and Gents! *sneezes* This week 2/3rds of the show are ill, someone cast flash heal!

This week we talk more about Game Producers, Boothbabes, Politicians, Superheroes, cheaters, more Superheroes, and Super-Fans! Phew!

Full notes after the break and don’t miss the link to pick up the Save CoH fan-song “I Want My City Back”!

Our week in gaming:

  • Razerbug: WoW, PlanetSide2 Beta
  • Dam: WoW, PlanetSide2, FTL,
  • Sil: wow

Gaming News Highlights


As I am sure you know, as an active member of the gaming press, Korean Computer Game Company NCSoft announced on August 31st that it would be shutting down their “City of Heroes” MMO on November 30th and the development studio associated with the game, Paragon Studios, would be shuttered immediately with no further work on the game would be done from that point, putting 80 employees out of a job with little or no notice. (The studio had posted screen shots from the next expansion 3 hours prior to the announcement and had advertised MULTIPLE hiring positions just 10 days before.)

Needless to say, having a game that was still profitable, to the tune of $800,000-$1,000,000 per year by NCSoft’s own financial statement, shutdown with no prior notice and little consideration to the player-base s caused quite the uproar within the City of Heroes Community.
The City of Heroes Player-base has started an unprecedented campaign to save not only their game, but their community as well. From standing vigil in-game and special community events to emails and petition drives to charity fundraisers and player generated music, the people for whom this is more than just a game are banding together to publicize this baffling business move. Meanwhile those with more acumen, assets and connections are working behind the scenes to try and work out a deal with NCSoft to allow the continuation of City of Heroes under another publisher or independently, possibly under a reconstituted Paragon Studios.
Which brings me to the reason for my message today, I am trying to get the word out about our efforts in an entertaining way and hope you would see fit to help me with your podcast. Below is a link to my City of Heroes parody song, “I Want My City Back”. It is based on the Meat Loaf song “(Life Is A Lemon) I Want My Money Back”. The various voices within the song are actual CoH Community Members who helped out by sending me vocals over the Internet. It’s released under Creative Commons

Thanks for your time and all the best, Curt “The Camera Guy” Arndt  

Get the song HERE and find out more at: 


Moment of Obscurity?

Raz: PETA takes on Pokemon

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