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The Obscurecast | Press Start to Continue 4-25: “Dr Whooves”

Posted by Razerbug on October - 7 - 2012

Welcome, welcome! To The Obscurecast Episode 25 of Season 4. We’re back after a short but unavoidable break, and with a new and improved recipe!

Sil, Damarai and Razerbug bring you their week in gaming, and the top gaming news that has caught their eye, Sil and Razer talk WoW, WoW , and WoW isn’t cool any more…? – and throw in the latest from The EuroGamer Expo some Secret World and DragonAge 3 news, while Damarai wields his new weapon of choice, The Dam-Hammer, against the forces of chuffin’ nonsense coming out of Ubisoft this week.

Then we take on the Talking Point: What IP that isn’t a game do we think would make a great one, or what game IP do we think could be a good MMO?

Delve into The Obscurebag, and introduce…

NEXT WEEKS TALKING POINT: Should new mmo’s be free to play from the start in order to succeed?

let us know what you think about any of our talking points at the contact info down at the bottom!



Gabriel says:
Hello Obscurecast,

In response to the facebook post: That’s a tough one since so many of the major SciFi and Fantasy franchises are already out there.  At this point it would have to be a niche IP (ex. G.I. Joe?  Transformers?  Whedon-verse?)  or something original (Secret World).  The only IPs I could imagine with well-enough established characters and fanbases are Nintendo and Sega.  

I’d like to see the characters and lore from the Dragonlance and Dark Sun D&D campaign settings make it into D&D Online as I fondly recall the novels set in both.


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Intro music was Decimal Places by I Concur.

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