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The Obscurecast | AFK IRL

Posted by Razerbug on October - 30 - 2012

Hello friends in Obscurity

Apologies for the silent treatment of late, things have been all kinds of ‘interesting’ for all 3 of us and to compound matters painful RSI in my hands has meant typing this update is rather delayed.

So what’s happening? Well unfortunately Real Life has reared it’s ugly head again and with a tri-factor of situation changes for Myself Sil and Damarai, some of them fun, and others very not so much…

As a result we’re sorry to say the last show will likely be the last of Season 4, and will prompt us re-evaluating things to figure out when we can get back to recording.

On behalf of my co-hosts I’d like to say a huge thank you to folks who have been with us for season 4 and we hope you enjoyed it!

Keep checking your feeds, iTunes, twitter (@obscurecast) and of course here, for updates, but until then…


We’ll see you all, in game.

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