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Ladies and Jelly Spoons! It’s time you put something Obscure in your ears, yes indeed, Episode 21 of Season 4 of The Obscurecast is here.

It very nearly got called “Peter Pan”… see the intro-out-take!

We have a whole host of gaming news, including the latest from Secret World, and Damarai goes inside on the Firefall Beta, bringing much in the way of news and reviews, We’ll have a full review next week, so stay tuned on that.

Not forgetting of course; The Mists Cinematic Trailer! It released live out of Gamescom in Germany and we give the latest WoW offering our shakedown, and our oppinions on blizzards timing vs competitor releases, maybe we’re a little harsh?

Of course we want to know what YOU the Obscuredience think of our topic of the (two) week – which rolls over because there was just so much to talk about this week . Give us a shout on that by the various ways below!

Talking Point
Next week: “How do you prefer social interactions in MMO, Guilds/RL social groups/other – and does it vary between MMOs?”

Random topics      

WoW News



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Intro music was Decimal Places by I Concur.

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