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It’s that time again Ladies and Gents. The 20th episode of season 4 awaits you at the bottom of these show notes.

We’re talking about a fair bit of bad news this week with poor returns, stock performances, and of course Blizzard announcing it has been hacked… however, we have the voices of the Obscuredience to bring the smiles back to our faces

Again we’re asking you to send in your thoughts for next week topic, check it out below!

Talking Points:

This week: “has the audience moved on from subscripition MMO model”

NEXT WEEK: “How do you prefer social interactions in MMO, Guilds/RL social groups/other – and does it vary between MMOs?”

Random topics

  • Amazon announces ‘Amazon Game Studios’ and starts with a Facebook game

  • Funcom: The Secret World metascores to blame for drop in share prices

  • Sims 3 – EA announced another new expansion pack due in November (Sims 3 Seasons) Supernatural expansion due in September.

Seasons –


WoW News


From: Barefootwanderer Subject: Red dwarf quote

in side quest, you mentioned you’d forgotten you’d asked the question about the red dwarf acronym – I have to confess that until I listened to that episode and heard my name mentioned and my answer – I’d forgotten I’d answered it too lol.

A pleasant surprise, had me smiling all the way to work that morning, thanks for the mention.

Love the podcast, it’s consistently one of the best and most entertaining gaming casts I listen to (and you are in very good company there) it’s nice to hear brits doing a good gaming show. Keep up the good work :)

@obscurecast I have not moved on. I am still very wary of the free to play model. Too much potential for gouging customers.

Greetings Lady and Gents!

To save myself from writing a long email, I’ll simply link you to a recent post I wrote on the subject of subscription MMO’s and how they need to end ;)

Hopefully you’ll find an answer in there, or at least something to talk about ^ ^




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