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The gang is back after our little break and full to the brim with gaming news as well as the goings on in Azeroth!

Plus, all the way from Postcards from Azeroth and player of ALL THE MMO’s  - we’re joined by Rioriel!

Rio is launching an ‘adopt a red panda for Pandaria’ charity drive over here. He’s already adopting red-pandas thanks to the help of the community, so thanks for that guys and hopefully Obscurefans will join in the panda love!

Because they're so cute!


Random topics

Skyrim – Dawnguard patch

  • Crossbows, Mounted combat, more vampires

Rift expansion – Storm Legion

  • 10 more levels, 2 more continents, another soul for each calling

WoW News


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You can join Damarai and Razerbug in game on Blades Edge EU in <The Allegiance>


Razerbug @rzbg

Damarai @_damarai

Sil @Lumineus

Rio @wingtipswaltz




Intro music was Decimal Places by I Concur.

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