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Welcome to episode 11 of the current season! This week epic show is epic! Razerbug, Sil, and Damarai are all present and incorrect, and joined by the one and only Michele Morrow!

They round up the news, really get in depth about the; EA homosexual characters in SWToR controversy, and gender in gaming as a whole… and, of course, Lady Sylvanas’s very own understudy is more than happy to talk about all things Mists Beta, The Dark Lady, and why she’s first in line to oust Garosh. Plus – shocking revelations about who’s BiFactional, who’s Polygamerous and who was just ‘curious  in college’ shocking stuff indeed!


Talking Point

Random topics

WoW News

“Hi can you ask MM if she is hoping for Sylvanas to be the new horde leader or would she prefer her to lead away a new third faction , thanks from Thallandorr @Vennivecci on twitter”


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Intro music was Decimal Places by I Concur.

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