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Sorry about the late episode all! – Hosting issues. This means we’ll be taking a week out with our next show coming out in a weeks time – after we’ve all had lots of quality time as ‘press’ in the Mist Beta! (thanks to the ‘Godfather of Podcasting’* Dawnforge’s own @Medros for special invites)

This time around we pick our favourite news coming out of Blizz’ last week – and lets face it, there was quite a bit!

Our sister-site All Things Azeroth has you covered with the news


Casting further afield we pick up quite a few stories we covered last episode and as we do Razerbug gets more an more confuggled until he eventually confuses his co-hosts with the games they’re playing – this episode is truly obscure!

*I get in trouble when I call him The Grandfather ;)

Random topics


WoW News Female Panda model

“Hey Razerbug, Sil & Damarai!I’ve been a WoW player for a few years and signed up with the annual pass which means on the 15th May I get to play Diablo. Now, I don’t know *anything* about Diablo at all – would any of you lovely peeps be able to give a quick D3 rundown for WoW types who’ve never played it before? Is there a good place to get D3 info aside from the Blizzard official site.Thanks!
Raven ”

As always, if you want to contact us about anything on the podcast you can mail us at

Join Damarai and Razerbug in game on Blades Edge EU in <The Allegiance>


Razerbug @rzbg

Damarai @_damarai

Sil @Lumineus




Intro music was Decimal Places by I Concur.


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