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Archive for 2012

The Obscurecast | AFK IRL

Posted by Razerbug on October - 30 - 2012 0 Comment

Hello friends in Obscurity Apologies for the silent treatment of late, things have been all kinds of ‘interesting’ for all 3 of us and to compound matters painful RSI in my hands has meant typing this update is rather delayed. So what’s happening? Well unfortunately Real Life has reared it’s ugly head again and with a tri-factor of situation changes for Myself Sil and Damarai, some of them fun, and others very not so much…  [ Read More ]

Hello Ladies and Gents! *sneezes* This week 2/3rds of the show are ill, someone cast flash heal! This week we talk more about Game Producers, Boothbabes, Politicians, Superheroes, cheaters, more Superheroes, and Super-Fans! Phew! Full notes after the break and don’t miss the link to pick up the Save CoH fan-song “I Want My City Back”!

Welcome, welcome! To The Obscurecast Episode 25 of Season 4. We’re back after a short but unavoidable break, and with a new and improved recipe! Sil, Damarai and Razerbug bring you their week in gaming, and the top gaming news that has caught their eye, Sil and Razer talk WoW, WoW , and WoW isn’t cool any more…? – and throw in the latest from The EuroGamer Expo some Secret World and  [ Read More ]

The Obscurecast | Side-Quest – Girls Gone Obscure

Posted by Razerbug on October - 5 - 2012 0 Comment

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, friends in Obscurity. Apologies for the lack of a show this week, commitments IRL have kept us all AFK, but you can join Sil and Razerbug as they make things just a little bit more obscure and join the wonderful ladies (and rob) over at Girls Gone WoW Raz, Dam, and Sil hope to be back soon with a new and improved recipe Obscurecast.    

Welcome to episode 24 all! The episode that nearly didn’t happen because of timing, and then nearly didn’t happen again when our new record date was plagued with Sype issues! We pulled together a show despite all opposition though, as always the latest in the news from the gaming world, and, of course, from Azeroth with Mists just around the corner!