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The Obscurecast Ep 19: Pickle Tangent

Posted by Gazimoff on September - 23 - 2010

On this week’s show Gaz is joined by the fantastic Aislinana from Empowered Fire! Unfortunatey Stu couldn’t join us this week, but we still had a great time! Come listen to us go off on all kinds of tangents including being hooked on Bejewelled Blitz and getting really geeky about the upcoming mage changes.

In this week’s show we have:

  • Peacebloom Vs Ghouls!
  • Pre-Cata events on PTR
  • Female Worgen Models
  • Worgen “Running Wild”
  • Golden Lion/Scorpion Guild Mounts
  • Return to Graveyard in Ghost Form
  • Heroics Testing now available (with premade chars in iLevel 333 blues)
  • Return of Frostfire Bolt?
  • Guild Chat on Mobile Armoury

This Week’s Obscurity was inspired by The Bucket List on WTT:RP. We discuss what we’re still looking to complete before Cataclysm comes out

Intro music was  Decimal Places by I Concur.

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Thanks for listening!

3 Responses so far.

  1. Larísa says:

    Why is it that podcasters insist on that there aren’t any mage blogs around? It isn’t more than a couple of months since a hunter podcast claimed this. I protested at that time, pointing out that there were many good mage blogs out there. Remember?

    And as far as I recall you agreed. You even put together a list of good resources which included a list over active mage blogs. And I assure you there were more blogs on that list than Gnomeaggedon. Nothing wrong with Gnome, I love him too, but he and Empowered Fire are far from the one and only mage blogs.
    In case you’ve forgotten about your own list I’ll give you the link. ;)

    Every new mage blogger that starts seems to have the idea that they’re filling a huge void. I just wanted to remind you that this is not the case. Sure, not many of the mage bloggers are theorycrafting very much atm, but I bet we’ll see more of that kind of topics in Cataclysm. For those who like that ofc. But there are mage bloggers who write from a mage perspective, without necessarily deeping deeply into writing class guides (which already exist on a number of places, including the MO forums.)

    End of tired rant from a blogger who maybe isn’t a “mage blogger” but definitely a mage who blogs.

    • Gazimoff says:

      I didn’t say that there weren’t any, I just feel that the number is low :)

      What I was trying to understand (and maybe I could have put better) was if Ais thinks the number of mage blogs is growing or shrinking. They’ve been blogging for a long time, and I was trying to get feel for the amount of mages out there. From my own perspective it feels like the number has dropped over the past six months.

      I am really hoping that we see more mage bloggers start up. I’m not heavily into theorycrafting myself, but I love class discussion. There’s something about digging through mechanics and so on that I really enjoy, especially with other mages.

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